Therapy and mentoring


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  Rumi

The therapy offered is for adults of any age.

I work with you as fellow human being – not a label, nor a condition, nor something suited to a particular therapy.  But you.  Just you.

The sort of issues that people consult me about are broadly in two areas: concerns about meaning of and in life, or soul searching, and difficulties in living – all those things that stop us living who we truly are.

Difficulties in living include:

  • Being highly sensitive.
  • Anxiety, panic and overwhelm,
  • Relationship difficulties.
  • Depression, shame, feeling worthless, loss, longing, bereavement and grief.
  • Chronic illness, such as diabetes.
  • Life transitions and changes.

Concerns about meaning  – soul searching:

  • Identity issues – feeling excluded, not belonging and living with marginalised identities and situations such as health, gender, class, ethnicity, being highly sensitive, and their intersections.
  • Social isolation.
  • Difficulty in living the fullness and truth of who you are.  Loss of purpose, meaning and joy in life.
  • Concerns about the state of our society, environment and Earth, the future and if and how to respond.
  • Spiritual problems and hopes.
  • Difficulties making clear what the distress is or what therapy or help is needed.

The way it works is individually tailored to your needs.
It is totally confidential.
It can be brief, medium or long term therapy or a one-off consultation.  The therapy can be weekly or as and when you feel it is needed.
It is a compassion-centred, wide and deep approach taking in you as a whole person including body, mind, emotions, relationships, environment, soul and society.

My aim is to offer a compassionate holding space, supporting you during this difficult time respecting your uniqueness, your individuality, and listening deeply so you can feel seen, heard and contained.

Therapy and the therapeutic relationship can enable you to gain the insights into your situation so a new story or approach to your life can emerge. And it can help you develop skills and practices that will help you to find the courage, freedom and flexibility to grow, change, develop resilience, self-compassion and move on.

Depending on your needs these practices may include things like keeping a diary, inner work with imagination and dreams, or observing your body and breath, thoughts and feelings.

My intention is for my work to be trauma informed and sensitive, though I do not specialise in trauma therapy.


This is an opportunity to explore issues of concern to you.  It is not therapeutic work rather it is about support during change and development.  It is a time to be curious and explorative about what is trying to emerge from within you and how best to nurture and grow this.
Then having gathered the seeds, plant them, and find ways to nourish them.  You might also call this consultation or coaching.

Practical details:

All my work is currently done via Zoom, so you will need access to a computer, lap top or iPad and a quiet space where you will not be intruded upon.

If you have not used Zoom before, please be aware it is confidential, accepted by both professional insurance companies and the British Psychological Society.

I am happy to support you in learning to be with this new medium.

We will speak in English.

You can contact me through the contact form or my email – for a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and what I may be able to offer you.

This is completely confidential.  Any notes I keep about you are as minimal as possible and as hard copies and not on a computer. I may share anonymous details with senior colleagues when I need advice on how best to help you.

We all need help sometimes!

My notes are solely so I can support you and in rare circumstances meet safety and protection needs.  You are welcome to a copy.  I will only write letters at your agreement or request.

This is a self-pay practice. Payment is via PayPal or bank transfer.

I offer free initial consultations.